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Student Health Services provides screening, diagnosis, and treatment for most sexually transmitted infections (STIs). As well as counseling on STI prevention and risk reduction.

Student Health offers FREE STI Screenings for UW-Platteville students, they include:

  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea urine tests and or swabs

    • For accurate results, you must not urinate for one hour prior to the test.

  • Syphilis and HIV through serum testing

Call to make an appointment to consult a provider to discuss which test best fit your needs!

STI Prevention



Some STIs are treatable with antibiotics.  Student Health is able to treat in clinic if appropriate.  Others, like HIV, is a virus for life and a person may qualify for antiretroviral treatment and or PrEP. *Drug- Resistant Gonorrhea is an urgent Public health issue!