Your pedometer automatically tracks every step you take, so you can actually see how your steps accumulate throughout the day.

Different Types of Pedometers

There are many different types of pedometers, including clip-on pedometers, fitness bands for the wrist that have pedometer functionality, sports watches, pedometer apps for your smartphone, and more. The choice is up to you.

Follow Instructions and Test

Whichever type of pedometer you choose, make sure you follow all instructions provided with the pedometer, and test your pedometer to make sure it's working properly. You can test your pedometer by walking normally as you count your steps up to 100 and then check your pedometer to make sure it recorded approximately 100 steps. Don't be too alarmed if your pedometer is not perfectly accurate. Sometimes your pedometer will miss a step, and other times it will count an extra step. Overall, most pedometers are quite accurate, and certainly accurate enough for monitoring your activity level.

Where to Purchase

Lots of retail stores sell pedometers, fitness bands, fitness watches, etc. Check your local big-box retail store, your local pharmacy, an electronics store, or your favorite online retailer. An online shopping search for keywords like "pedometer" or "fitness watch" should find a lot of options. As for apps for your smartphone, use your phone's app market (e.g. iTunes or Google Play) to search for keywords like "pedometer."

Counting steps for other activities

Your pedometer works whenever you are taking steps. For those times when you choose an activity other than walking, check the Steps Conversion Chart to determine the activity’s equivalent number of steps. Simply multiply the number of minutes you did the activity by the number of steps indicated on the chart. For example, 30 minutes of mopping equals 3030 steps (30 minutes x 101).