Make your words count

Communication is the most important activity in our lives.

UW-Platteville speech communication courses equip you with the skills, knowledge, and attitude you need to speak with and listen to other confidently, whether one-on-one, in a group, or part of a team.

Improving your communication skills will make you a valuable asset to your employer and community. It also has the potential to improve personal relationships, family communication, and more.

Speech communication courses

Any four speech communication classes should complete your general speech requirement. If, however, you are a business/accounting major, you'll also need to take public speaking. The speech communication for teachers' course can be taken by non-education majors.

SPEECH 1010 Oral Communication for Professionals

You'll learn the fundamental theories and concepts of public communication while researching topics, organizing materials, and presenting speeches with appropriate and natural nonverbal communication.

SPEECH 2020 Speech Communication for Teachers (3 credits)

Learn all the facets of speech communication vital to teachers. Activities include simulated instructional presentations. Components: Lecture.

SPEECH 2250 Communication and Leadership in Small Groups (3 credits)

Study contemporary theories and concepts surrounding communication in small groups. You'll lead, participate in, and observe small group activities such as project planning, decision making, and task completion. Components: Lecture.

Speech 3250 Interpersonal Communication (3 credits)

Study human communication and relationships. Contemporary theories and basic concepts concerning interpersonal communication and covered with an emphasis on dyadic communication. Components: Lecture.