The School of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is committed to excellence in undergraduate education and research, scholarly and professional activities, and service to the agriculture industry at the state, regional, national and global levels.


The School of Agriculture will be recognized as a world leader in undergraduate programs in agriculture, natural resources, and agro-ecology research. We require students to participate in high impact practices such as hands-on activities, internships, cross-cultural or international programming, service learning, research, or other creative activities. Our graduates will be known as professionals with the ability to communicate and creatively apply their knowledge of agriculture to solve problems. Our faculty, staff, and students will be engaged in the discovery and transfer of knowledge through research, and be prepared to anticipate and effectively respond to changes and challenges in agriculture and higher education by partnering with agriculture stakeholders. We will be committed to finding creative ways to identify resources to support our research, educational, outreach, and service programs.