Attention Students:

The requirements and process for students driving on University business has been updated! All students (not including student-employees or student governance acting within their scope of employment) wanting to reserve a university fleet vehicle must have an approved Student Driver Authorization Form. Links to more information as well as the form can be found on the right hand side of this page. Please email all questions to


To obtain authorization to drive a university vehicle you are required to read the Statewide Fleet Policies and Procedures

If your authorization has been revoked and your position requires travel on behalf of the University, please read: TER and Drivers Authorization.

The Driver Authorization process is now being done online through the Wisconsin Department of Administration’s Enterprise Fleet Management System.

Complete your online Vehicle Use Agreement (VUA):  VUA Sign-up Portal

It will only take a few minutes to complete the online Vehicle Use Agreement. Forms filled incorrectly will be terminated without notification. Please take your time following the step by step instructions. We suggest you have the following items available when you log in:

  • If you are a student employee please check the box below your date of birth to student status
  • Network ID (UW-Platteville username) and Password
  • Know your employee type (Ex: Students select UW)
  • Driver’s license number
  • Your supervisor’s name and email address
  • No UDDS code is required. You may leave this field blank or type NOUDDS
  • If you are an out of state driver you must possess a copy of your Certified Driver Abstract from your home state before you may begin the driver authorization process for the University.
  • Step-by-Step instructions
  • If you are a returning student employee in the fall you may submit a new VUA anytime in August for the following school year

Out of State Drivers

Per University of Wisconsin System Administrative Procedure 615.A, you will need to provide and scan in a current Certified Driver Abstract from your state of insurance when you submit your online Vehicle Use Agreement. Meaning, before you start the driving authorization process for UW Platteville you must obtain a Certified Abstract from your state of residence. Once you've obtained your Certified Driver Abstract you should be able to scan or link it to the Universities VUA. Submittal is required annually for Staff, Faculty, students, volunteers and LTE’s.

Authorized Driver Look-up: Any UW-Employee or student can now check on their own driver authorization status or that of their students, volunteers, and employees through a Driver Summary Report.

NOTE: Departments needing volunteers to drive on University business or Employees inquiring about driving 10-12 passenger vans should contact the Drivers Authorization Coordinator in the Office of Safety and Risk Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm driving for one than one department?

If you work in two or more departments be sure to email all the departments you are currently driving for so you can be authorized in each.

How long will my driver authorization last?

For Students driver authorization must be renewed yearly after August 31st. Wisconsin Staff members only need to apply for driver authorization once. You must reapply every year you wish to drive for the University. Out of State Staffers will be asked to reapply yearly for driving authorization between January 1st and January 31st. Before you may reapply for your VUA you must obtain a Certified Driver Abstract from your state of insurance.

How long will it take for my authorization to be processed?

Approval for driver authorization can take up to two weeks to be processed. If you application takes longer than two weeks it is very possible you filled out your first application incorrectly and you will have resubmit a new VUA.

Am I able to check the status of my or my students authorization? 

Yes! You may check anyone's driving authorization status! Check a status following these directions Driver Summary Report!
Large Van Training offered through Southwest Tech at UWP

Coordinator: Tammie VanNatta

When: Once a year beginning of the school year late August or early September

Contact Risk Management if your group is in need of a large van driver!

Six people are allowed to take each session and there is a minimum of 3 people in order to hold a session. Classes may be canceled if there are not enough sign ups or due to weather. Classes are held on campus and are two hours of classroom time with a half hour behind the wheel training for each student. Must be 25 years old to apply.

If you need a large van course before August, trainings are available through Madison & can be found through the following link.

Large van rentals may be made through Enterprise in Mineral Point

Contact Information

Safety & Risk Management

2302 Ullsvik Hall