Bystander Intervention Video Content

University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Sexual Assault Awareness Council is committed in its effort to expand the model of Bystander Intervention on our campus. In an effort to raise awareness of helping behaviors and increase individual motivation to help when others need it, the Council is announcing the second annual Bystander Intervention Video Content.

The purpose of this event is to engage UW-Platteville students in a creative and meaningful learning activity where the final product will be utilized campus wide to help other students develop the skills and confidence needed to offer assistance to others when necessary.

Students are asked to submit a video depicting a scenario where intervention is necessary and appropriate. Bystander Intervention is warranted in situations specific to sexual assault, excessive or binge drinking, unsafe or risky behavior, threats to others, racism or homophobia. Students should use good judgment in depicting the scenario with an emphasis on highlighting an intervention that is realistic and believable and something other students could do. It is the Sexual Assault Awareness Council’s hope that video’s submitted will inspire others to learn how or become more comfortable intervening when necessary.

Contest Rules Include:

  1. Submit video by 4pm on 3/31/14. Student or group leader will go to PioneerLink and complete registration form and releases for all students in video. The registration form will ask for a link to a private YouTube video which is the required format for submission.
  2. Contest is only open to students who are 18 and older and currently enrolled at UW-Platteville.
  3. Maximum time limit on video is 3 minutes.
  4. Video participants must sign a release form. All forms will need to be submitted with the video link (via PioneerLink).
  5. Due to the sensitivity of this topic, all videos must demonstrate respectful, compassionate handling of all subject matter (no nudity, no excessive profanity, no injury to participants). Any video that does not adhere to this will be immediately excluded from the contest.
  6. Scenario created in video must be realistic and believable.
  7. Awards will be presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
  8. Video screening of all winners will be the evening of 4/29/14 in the Nohr Gallery.

Contact Information


2400 Ullsvik Hall