The UW-Platteville Animal Care and Use Committee, through scientific judgement and concern for the humane treatment of animals, monitors the use of animals in research and teaching on the University of Wisconsin-Platteville campus and Pioneer Farm. The IACUC has full responsibility for animal care and use oversight and is responsible for assuring the institution's compliance with the Animal Welfare Act and the Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.


The committee has the following duties:

  1. To provide the peer review of all Animal Care and Use Protocol forms and subsequent updates, renewals, and amendments to these documents. The committee may:
    1. Review and approve
    2. Require modifications (to secure approval)
    3. Withhold approval
    4. Suspend a previously approved activity for cause
  2. To perform inspections of all University of Wisconsin-Platteville animal care facilities
    1. At least once every six months
    2. Prepare and approve (by majority of IACUC members) a written inspection report update
    3. Submit report to Institutional Officials
  3. To review the program of animal care and use
    1. At least once every six months
    2. Prepare and approve (by majority of IACUC members) a written report on the program review
    3. Submit report to Institutional Officials
  4. Review and, if warranted, investigate concerns involving the care and use of animals at the research facility resulting from public complaints received and from reports of non-compliance received from laboratory or research facility personnel or employees
  5. Make recommendations to the Institutional Official regarding any aspect of the research facility's animal programs, facilities, or personnel training

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will provide information to assist in the planning, implementing and conduction research using animals at UW-Platteville.


The IACUC is composed of a minimum of 5 members** who are qualified by experience or training to evaluate the programs and proposals under review and must include at least one individual from each of the following categories:

  • A scientist experienced in agricultural animal research or teaching
  • An animal, dairy, or poultry scientists who has training and experience in managing agricultural animals
  • A practicing scientist experienced in research involving animals
  • A non-scientist
  • A licensed veterinarian who has direct or delegated program responsibility for activities involving animals at the institution (Attending Veterinarian)
  • An individual who is not affiliated with the institution except as a committee member, and is not related to any affiliate of the institution (Community Member)

**Because of experience and training, one individual may adequately fulfill more than a single role on the IACUC, but the committee may not have less than 5 members.

Note:This information differs from that found in the Faculty Handbook. Corrected information is currently being prepared for submission to Faculty Senate.

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