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A Pioneer for Life

Congratulations on earning alumni status—you've worked hard to get here! Your ties to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville remain even after graduation. Take advantage of the opportunities to connect with UW-Platteville now that you are forever a Pioneer.

Whether you continue to engage with UW-Platteville by attending alumni events, mentoring students on career choices, or chatting with prospective students about our programs, there is an ever-expanding array of ways to facilitate an active and ongoing connection to your alma mater and your fellow Pioneers.

Are you looking for opportunities to engage with UW-Platteville, such as sharing your story, connecting with a student, or hosting an event? Contact us to learn more. Do you have a suggestion for ways to improve our work with alumni? Let us know. You can always reach us at or 608.342.1468.

Distance Education Alumni Board

The Distance Education Alumni Board is a dedicated group of alumni who work to create strong connections between UW-Platteville and its alumni.

The purpose of the Distance Education Alumni Board is to:

  1. Promote distance education to potential students.
  2. Develop activities to connect with distance education graduates.
  3. Provide guidance in developing methods to raise the visibility of distance education on the UW-Platteville campus and with the Alumni Association.
  4. Identify methods to connect alumni with current and prospective students.
  5. Serve as the "voice of the distance alumni" in reviewing policies, plans, and new initiatives for distance education.

If you are interested in serving on the Distance Education Alumni Board, contact us at or 608.342.1468.

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