(Effective through summer 2022)

Through a special permission process known as the campus borrow process, campus students are eligible to enroll in courses from the Office of Professional Program Support to help with their degree progression. This is a great option for students who’d like to take a course over the summer or need added flexibility in their schedule.

If you think this may be an option for you, here are some things to consider:

Prior to contacting the Office of Professional Program Support

As a campus student you will work with your campus advisor to determine what courses to take prior to contacting the Office of Professional Program Support. Below you will find helpful links that you will want to review to make sure distance learning courses are a good fit for you.

On-campus vs. Online Learning
Course Offerings
Online Format
Print-based Format
Academic Calendars
Time Management Calculator

  • Tuition for a distance education course will fall under your campus tuition. In addition, you will be charged $50 per credit for taking an online course.

  • Please review the academic calendar for deadlines and more information.

  • Textbooks are not included with tuition and are not available through the textbook center. For online courses, UW-Platteville's official textbook provider is Barnes and Noble College. For print-based courses, the Office of Professional Program Support Textbook Order Form will be included with your course materials with instructions for purchasing your textbook(s) from the UW-Platteville University Bookstore.

    While we work with BNC as our supplier, you may take the ISBN number and search for the books elsewhere (Amazon, etc.) but keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that you are purchasing the correct books. If you order from a site other than BNC, it is your responsibility to ensure you are ordering the correct textbook.

  • Distance learning courses are subject to the same course repeat policies and other campus policies, and appropriate permissions are still required. You will need to review and complete the course repeat form if you are repeating a class three or more times. This form will need to be returned to the Office of Professional Program Support upon completion.

  • If you need to drop an online or print-based course, you will need to follow the Office of Professional Program Support drop policies.

  • Due to federal regulations, UW-Platteville is required to verify that all enrolled students are participating in courses prior to the census date of each semester. Please see the UW-Platteville Participation Policy for more information.

  • As long as you are paying segregated fees you can continue to use campus amenities (with exception of the textbook center for online classes).  Segregated fees are not automatically applied to online courses with the Office of Professional Program Support.  If you are enrolled in only online courses with the Office of Professional Program Support, you may want to pay segregated fees for applicable campus amenities

Ready to Register?

Contact the Office of Professional Program Support with the following information:

  1. What course(s) are you interested in taking?
  2. In which format would you like to take these course(s)? Depending on the course, available formats will vary.
  3. How are you planning to pay for the course(s)?
    Please note: Students who are seeking print-based courses and utilize financial aid must enroll in the standard term.

When you have your materials ready, please contact the Office of Professional Program Support at 608.342.1468 or disted@uwplatt.edu.