Portfolio development is a process that provides an opportunity for students seeking a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at a distance to potentially earn college credit by documenting and describing life and work experiences.  These experiences may include, but are not limited to: job experiences, non-transferable coursework, participation in workshops and seminars, relevant volunteer activities, and use of self-help materials. Such experiences must be related to specific UW-Platteville courses in accounting, business administration, communication, computer science, economics, industrial studies, or speech.


Prior to being allowed to enroll in Portfolio Development, you must submit a résumé and write-up for review.  The résumé you submit for your pre-screening should be comprehensive and more detailed than one you would prepare for a job search. You should match your life and work experience with UW-Platteville courses.

Use concise phrases to describe details about your knowledge and skills, supervisory experience, training as demonstrated in various jobs, relevant volunteer activities, and non-transferable coursework. Also include work-related or community-based training or workshops you have completed, including the number of hours devoted to each topic.

In addition to your résumé, you must also prepare a brief write-up outlining the courses you believe you can challenge and why.

A faculty member who is experienced in portfolio assessment will review your résumé and write-up to estimate the number and types of courses for which you may earn credit.  If at least three courses can be identified that you can apply (“challenge”) to receive credit based on life experience, your enrollment in BUSADMIN 4950 Portfolio Development will be approved. Your academic advisor can assist you with the enrollment process.

As you progress through Portfolio Development, you may discover that you are eligible to pursue credit for additional courses. You can discuss the possibility with your course instructor.


BUSADMIN 4950 Portfolio Development is a 3-credit pass/fail course that will count as an upper-division general elective requirement. Portfolio Development may only be completed once. You should discuss the best time to enroll in this course with your advisor. This is a rigorous portfolio process for which you will earn credits based on the merit of your work in the course.

Tuition and a portfolio assessment fee are due upon enrollment. A transcription fee will be assessed later for credits earned.

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