The International Programs Office has allocated funds for UW-Platteville faculty and academic staff to participate in opportunities related to campus internationalization efforts. Grantees must commit to an implementation plan and follow-up activity to utilize and display the skills gained through the grant.

Objectives and Approved International Engagement Opportunities

Objectives of the IEE Grant include:

  • encouraging greater program diversity, on campus and abroad, that incorporates international engagement and collaboration in the academic learning objectives.
  • developing a strong pool of faculty and academic staff across campus who are actively engaged in developing, implementing, and leading opportunities, on campus and abroad, for research and creative endeavors collaborating with our international partners.
  • encouraging individual professional development and expertise in campus internationalization efforts.

Fitting international engagement opportunities would include any programming with the aim of engaging undergraduate students in international activities and perspectives, including:

  • effectively internationalizing the campus and curriculum.
  • developing sustainable short-term faculty-led programs with departmental sponsorship.
  • accompanying an experienced short-term faculty-led program leader on an established program in preparation for proposing and leading a program abroad.
  • attending workshops, conferences, webinars, or other events related to key campus internationalization efforts.
  • expanding international internship and co-op opportunities.
  • developing opportunities for undergraduate research and creative endeavors (URCE) abroad.
  • increasing opportunities for community engagement and service learning abroad.
  • creating on campus opportunities for students that incorporate virtual international collaborations into the classroom.
  • recruitment of international students.
  • advising international students.
  • advising for education abroad.
  • any other areas deemed critical by the University International Education Committee (UIEC) and/or International Programs Office staff.


Any faculty or academic staff member who has been employed full-time at UW-Platteville (including branch campuses) for a minimum of one year is eligible.

Maximum Award Amount

$2,000 (per year) per applicant.


Part I of the IEE Grant includes opportunities that begin between January 1 and December 31. Proposals must be submitted by October 15, and awards will be reviewed by the UIEC and announced by December 1.

Part II of the IEE Grant includes opportunities that begin between July 1 and June 30. Proposals must be submitted by March 15, and awards will be reviewed by the UIEC and announced by May 1.

Funding Provisions

The IEE Grant is intended to supplement, not to supplant, other sources of institutional funding. Departmental and/or college financial support will strengthen IEE Grant proposals. Arrangements for handling the workload of a successful applicant must be stated in the proposal if release time is requested. Proposals involving travel, if any, must conform to the UW System Travel Regulations, Financial Policy Paper 36 (Rev.9), and the UW-Platteville Policy Regarding Countries with Travel Warnings.

Implementation Plan and Follow-up Activity
Applicants must outline an implementation plan at the time of application. The plan should explain how the proposed project will be used to enhance the campus internationalization efforts in the long term. Grantees must contact the UIEC after the completion of the project to address an appropriate follow-up activity. This activity could be the development of a new international study program, the expansion of an existing program, or the planning of a presentation, program, workshop or event on campus. Failure to complete this evaluation will jeopardize eligibility of future grants.

Grant Proposals

Proposals for the IEE Grant must be submitted via e-mail to the International Programs Office at studyabroad@uwplatt.edu. Complete proposals must include:

  • IEE Grant Proposal Form/Budget
  • Proposed itinerary (if proposing international travel)
  • Narrative (no more than 2 pages): Attach a description of your participation in the requested activity. Include objectives and outcomes of requested activity.
  • Letter of support from applicable academic department chair(s) or other University offices indicating commitment to the program or project impacted by the proposed site visit


IEE Grant Evaluation Criteria