The University of Wisconsin-Platteville is proud to train professionals equipped to take charge of the future of the industrial and construction fields in Wisconsin and beyond. Our faculty are trained and experienced and can pass that knowledge on by working with you in facilities designed to ensure your seamless transition into the workforce.

We also prepare educators to teach young people the hands-on skills for the futures in industry and construction, and to become technologically literate.

Construction Management

By earning a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, you’ll gain high-impact and hands-on experience that will help you excel in this growing industry. All students will have access to our unique Safety, Commercial Construction, and Road and Infrastructure labs and will work with industry-standard equipment throughout the program under the guidance of our friendly and experienced faculty.

An internship is required to complete the undergraduate degree in Construction Management, and we have many industry partners to choose from. These same partners work with us to keep our courses on the cutting edge of the field and are eager to hire UW-Platteville graduates in a variety of roles.

You can also add an emphasis to your major, allowing you to further develop your skills.

Construction Management Emphasis

As a construction management professional, you’ll be one of the key players in the construction industry. This role forms a bridge that takes designs from the architects and engineers and bring them to life through their work with carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other tradesmen. You’ll learn not only the technical skills required in this industry, but how to successfully coordinate with project partners like suppliers, financers, and more.

With an emphasis in construction management, you will explore topics of plan reading, building materials, estimating, scheduling, contracts, and change orders.

Review the checksheet for the construction management emphasis. 

Construction Safety Management Emphasis

As a construction safety management professional, you’ll play a crucial role by providing leadership, guidance, and support in a company’s quest to manage the risks inherent with construction operations. In addition, you’ll act as a liaison between your company leadership and the crews on the ground, as well as the company and outside groups like insurance partners and regulatory agencies.

With the emphasis of construction safety management, you will enhance your understanding of safety on the construction site with course that focuses on safety and risk management, construction hazard control, heavy equipment safety, and more.

Review the checksheet for the construction safety management emphasis. 

Industrial Technology Management

You can earn a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Management with two different emphasis areas: manufacturing technology management, and occupational safety management.

Our programs are fully accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Technology (ATMAE).

Manufacturing Technology Management

The manufacturing technology professional works with managers, engineers, production employees, scientists, and supervisors in the industrial world. Possessing much of the "know-why” and "know-how" of industry, they work with and contribute to the ideas of the professional engineers and management. They also supervise and manage the utilization of materials and machines for producing, distributing, and servicing industrial products.

Manufacturing technology management (MTM) assists students in developing an understanding of people, tools, materials, and machines, as well as processes and their relationship to industrial production. UW-Platteville's program prepares graduates to solve technical and human problems in different manufacturing situations.

The manufacturing technology management graduate is a valuable liaison person linking the technical engineering with the supervision/management components. They are well-educated in the principles of management, supervision, and technology, and can work with a wide range of industrial techniques and processes. To meet the diverse demands of the profession, the program provides a solid background in mathematics, physical science, communication skills, management, human relations, economics, and computing applications.

Review the checksheet for the manufacturing technology management emphasis.

Occupational Safety Management

Among the most important decisions in one’s life is choosing a career. Selecting a career in occupational safety management will provide a competitive income and the self-satisfaction of assisting fellow employees to carry out their job duties in a safe and healthy working environment. 

Professional positions in the occupational safety management field include safety managers in industry, construction safety specialists, OSHA compliance officers, loss control representatives, industrial hygienists, safety consultants, and others. These safety professionals find full-time positions in the following sectors: manufacturing, building construction, product distribution, health care facilities, government agencies, insurance companies, and foundry industries.

The Occupational Safety Management emphasis is found in the Department of Industrial Studies and located on the 4th floor of Pioneer Tower at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The occupational safety management emphasis provides a broad-based technical background, hands-on curriculum to prepare individuals for entry level safety and health positions in the business and industrial world. An internship is required to complete the undergraduate degree in the industrial technology management/occupational safety management program. The industrial internship allows students to apply classroom concepts and provides preparation for a full-time position.

A friendly atmosphere and committed faculty and staff will offer you meaningful learning experiences within and outside the classroom. Classes are small so that students receive personal attention. Instructors also have the time to assist students. At UW-Platteville, students enjoy the challenges of the classroom, yet, gain practical knowledge necessary to prepare for a career in occupational safety management.

Review the checksheet for the occupational safety management emphasis.

Technology Education

The two UW-Platteville programs in technology education prepare students to become knowledgeable professionals within their fields and teach middle and high school.

Technology Education

This degree program enables you to obtain an in-demand State Department of Education license, which qualifies you to work as a secondary technology education teacher.

Through a unique collaboration between the School of Education (pedagogy-"how to teach") and the Department of Industrial Studies (technology-"what to teach"), both programs combine a personal touch with hands-on learning.

A primary goal of technology education is to promote technological literacy. To achieve this goal, technology education prepares students to understand, evaluate, control, and utilize modern technologies. Learn how to teach students to adapt to technological change and deal with factors influencing the present and future.

Review the checksheet for technology education.

Agricultural and Industrial Technology Education

Our dual-certification degree prepares students to obtain their State Department of Education license to be a technology education teacher and/or agricultural education teacher.

Review the checksheet for agricultural and industrial technology education, which includes a blending of courses in the Department of Industrial Studies and the School of Agriculture. 

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