Each time you file a FAFSA form, you may be randomly selected for a process called verification. If selected for verification, the Financial Aid Office must request certain documents from you in order to verify the information that you supplied in the FAFSA is correct.

Items needed for verification will appear on your PASS account To Do List. If your financial aid award is completed prior to your file being verified, the award may change if any of the FAFSA information had to be corrected.

Instructions for FAFSA verification process

All Students

All current and prospective students will be prompted for your UW-Platteville netID and password to begin when you follow the verification links below.

If you are a V5 verification student, you will need to submit two of the forms below; one is electronic and one will need to be printed and turned into the financial aid office.

If you are a V1 Verification student, you will need to submit the electronic form only.

Parents of Dependent Students

If you are a parent of a dependent student you will need to set up an account to complete your portion of your student’s verification documents. Your student must initiate their form using their credentials, and you must use the unique link that is emailed to you to complete your portion of the form. Please refer to the form instructions on the Dependent verification worksheets for more information.

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