The Fellowship Board is responsible for overseeing the application process and selecting the fellows for the 2015–16 academic year.

Amy Seeboth-Wilson

Amy Seeboth-Wilson, AICP

Interim Coordinator (2015–16) for Driftless Fellowship Program
Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities Management

Office: 308 Royce Hall
Tel: 608.342.7244

Areas of expertise: As the sustainability coordinator for UW-Platteville, Amy helps build campus capacity for long-term investments supporting their triple-bottom line (people, places, profit). Prior to joining the university, Amy was a regional planner for Southwest Wisconsin, specializing in rural economics and community development. When not at the university, Amy enjoys her role on the Platteville City Council.
Most enjoy about living in the Driftless Region: The rolling hills, access to amazing local foods, and progressive values and culture.
Favorite cheese: Does she have to choose?! Any cheese! (Except limburger, she tried it once and has regretted it ever since).

Philip Parker

Philip Parker, PH.D., P.E.

Professor of Civil/Environmental Engineering, College of EMS
Office: 131A Ottensman Hall
Tel: 608.342.1235

Areas of expertise: Agricultural runoff, engineering education, infrastructure education
Most enjoy about living in the Driftless Region: Everything—its beauty, its variety of weather, its low population density, and its recreational opportunities.
Favorite cheese: New York State Cheddar, of course!

Tera Montgomery

Tera Montgomery, Ph.D.

Dairy and Animal Sciences
Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture (BILSA)

Office: Pioneer Tower 215
Tel: 608.342.6027

Tammy Salmon-Stephens

Tammy Salmon-Stephens

Director of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science Student Success Programs
Office: Ottensman 171
Tel: 608.342.1563

Areas of expertise: With a background in engineering, Tammy is a strong leader for students. She mentors, builds programming and capacity to help make the STEM fields more access bible to students with a wide range of backgrounds.
Most enjoy about living in the Driftless Region: I was born and raised in the driftless region and it's what I know. I love enjoying the beauty of this region. It always makes me reconnect and recenter with myself when I am able to drive, walk, or bike through this area. It comforts me greatly.
Favorite cheese: I adore any type of blue cheese. My husband has introduced me to Pinconning Cheddar which is also outstanding. I am also a fan of swiss and muenster cheeses.

Evan Larson

Evan Larson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geography
Office: Gardner 254
Tel: 608.342.6139

Areas of expertise: I am a geographer who spends a lot of time looking at, thinking about, and studying trees and their response to environmental change as shown through variations in their annual rings. I am passionate about the outdoors and had a brief encounter with oneness while picking blueberries in the rain in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness after three weeks of field work. I am fascinated by sustainability and hope to infuse aspects of sustainability throughout my personal and professional lives.
Most enjoy about living in the Driftless Region: The Driftless Region is a magic place that embodies the intersection of landscape, culture, economy, internationalism, and localism in a beautiful setting that is way ahead of the times by in some ways being behind the times.
Favorite Cheese: Cheese is almost too hard to decide upon ... like the many delicious beers from this region, my favorite cheese depends on the weather and day. As a stand by, Mona is always good sliced thin on a piece of buttered knackebrod...

Chanaka Mendis

Chanaka Mendis, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry
Office: 100 Ottensman Hall
Tel: 608.342.1692

Will Hoyer

Will Hoyer

Grants Specialist
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office: Pioneer Tower 522
Tel: 608.342.1456

Areas of expertise: Will works as a Grant Specialist in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and has a master's degree in water resources management. His true area of expertise, however, is trail running.
Most enjoy about living in the Driftless Region: Trail running is his favorite thing to do in the Driftless Region, especially on a cool, crisp fall day with changing leaves with a local beer waiting for him at the end.
Favorite cheese: His favorite cheese is the one in his mouth, though if it's a midwest cheddar he's probably wondering why it's yellow.

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