Customer Service

Good customer service is one of the central factors in organizational success whether you are trying to retain customers or turn inquiries from potential customers into sales. Learn to improve your customer service skills to enhance your career, improve productivity, and increase your organization's success.

Individual Excellence

Develop career-enhancing skills in a single course that covers twelve popular one-day seminar topics including goal setting, time management, and personal organization. You'll learn how to improve your creative abilities, gain confidence with financial matters, and minimize conflict in your life. Develop a fulfilling career plan and improve relationships with co-workers, friends, and family.

Productivity and Time Management

You can bundle three courses in Managing Productivity, New 21st Century Strategies for Productivity and Time Management, and Productivity eTools: Be Organized and Get Stuff Done, into a certificate! Maximizing productivity and the use of time is the primary way to increase profitability and organizational success for a growing number of people and their organizations. Successful businesses and organizations are moving from counting hours sitting at your desk to outcomes and results.

Self-Improvement Suite

Explore goal setting, time management, personal organization, and creativity to enhance your career skills. You'll examine clear examples of verbal and nonverbal communication and gain practical strategies that you can use today to improve communication at work, in your home, and in social situations.

Skills for Making Great Decisions

Discover the steps necessary to achieve your goals, as well as the power that ordinary, everyday decisions can have over the quality of your life. Learn how to deal effectively with crisis, how to use your emotions as decision-making tools, and how to work with others to make good decisions. You'll develop some important guidelines for when to take risks, when to trust your luck, and what to do if you make a mistake.

Soft Skills Suite

Combine four great courses and save $45! Courses include Achieving Success with Difficult People, Interpersonal Communication, Skills for Making Great Decisions, and Individual Excellence.

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