Ineffective communication among employees can negatively impact your organization. You and your employees can learn targeted communication skills to enhance productivity.

Authentic Conversations: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

This highly interactive 3.5-hour training program, based on the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., includes lots of laughter.

Through role playing and small group sessions, you will learn to embrace a philosophy that helps you to communicate more effectively in the workplace and create positive customer interactions and relationships.

Workplace scenarios will provide the opportunity to apply new strategies for use in difficult conversations in the business environment. These include:

  • Tools to create more positive relationships with your colleagues, suppliers, and customers
  • Tactics for reducing workplace conflict
  • Tips for conducting more effective meetings
  • Strategies for improving team productivity
  • Guidelines for giving meaningful feedback

Professional Communication Skills

This course will focus on the basics of how to best use written, oral, visual, and digital communication. Through this training you and your employees will:

  • Identify your audience and learn how to adapt your message
  • Understand the importance of face-to-face communication in the workplace, and how to speak to a co-worker or customer in a professional manner
  • Learn to speak professionally on the phone
  • Apply principles of professional communication in your daily work

Email Communications: The Key to Better Business

This interactive course will provide you and your employees with new skills and strategies that will make your emails more effective. Learn the proper tone, the pitfalls to avoid, and technology resources available to enhance the appearance of the message while eliminating errors.

Team Building with Real Colors

Real Colors is a fast, fun, and interactive workshop that uses a personality type test to allow you to understand human behavior, uncover motivators specific to each temperament, and improve communication with others. With the Real Colors personality instruments, you’ll learn to quickly identify your own temperament or “color” and that of others. Using this knowledge, you can develop more effective communication and build better relationships, both in and out of the workplace.

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