At the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Continuing Education Institute, you can acquire valuable teaching strategies, tools, and resources through professional development.

All classes offered are available for continuing education units (CEUs) as well as undergraduate and graduate credit. Graduate credit is only offered if you already have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

CEUs are granted on the basis of contact hours, with 0.1 CEU earned for each hour of contact in a class, as indicated below. They are provided through a certificate of completion issued through the Continuing Education Institute.

  • 15 contact hours = 1 academic credit = 1.5 CEUs
  • 30 contact hours = 2 academic credits = 3.0 CEUs
  • 45 contact hours = 3 academic credits = 4.5 CEUs

Classes can be taken on a non-credit basis at a reduced cost.

Transferring Credits

The transfer of UW-Platteville teacher education course credits to a degree program will depend on the instruction policies and requirements of the degree program.

If you intend to use a class in an undergraduate or graduate program at any institution, obtain approval from your advisor prior to the start of the class.

Credits you earn at UW-Platteville will become part of your permanent record.

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