The Screenwriting certificate offered by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Continuing Education Institute has been designed to help both experienced and aspiring writers learn the craft of screenwriting.

You will begin with an introduction to the screenwriting process, and by the end of the third and final course in the certificate, you will have a fully developed screenplay that you can market to sell, enter in contests, or use as a calling card for your screenwriting pursuits.

This completely online certificate program offers you the flexibility to develop your screenplay at your own pace, with coaching from a professional writer. There are three courses in the program: Fundamentals of Screenwriting, Crafting the Story, and Advanced Screenwriting.

  • Courses should be taken in sequence.
  • Each course will take approximately 90-100 hours to complete.
  • Accepting enrollments at any time.



Cost: $659 per course or $1,899 for the certificate
Instructor: Kelly Jo Brick


Course 1: Fundamentals of Screenwriting

This is the foundation course for the screenwriting certificate. You will develop the core skills to craft an engaging film script. The course focuses on using concept, structure, plot, character, dialogue, conflict, and pacing to craft a script.

Course 2: Crafting the Story

Building on the elements from Fundamentals of Screenwriting, you will begin to develop your screenplays. Through the creation of loglines, a synopsis, story map, and beat sheet, you will ultimately create the roadmap for your screenplays by having a workshopped and completed screenplay outline at the end of the course.

Course 3: Advanced Screenwriting

This capstone course allows you to bring your story to life. You’ll utilize the screenplay outline you developed in Crafting the Story, and bring dialogue, emotions, and imagery to your story. At the conclusion of the course you will have a complete screenplay that has been reviewed by your instructor multiple times, with instructive feedback. You will also learn about what to do with your screenplay now that it is complete.

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