Expand your skill set with a University of Wisconsin-Platteville professional development certificate that will allow you to reach your career goals.

Professional development certificates are offered 100% online to provide you maximum flexibility. Choose from the following:

Employee Retention Certificate
This program measures the extent to which your employees and colleagues are passionate and committed to their positions and the company vision. Participants will be equipped with the diagnostic skills to better identify, adjust to, and manage change. They will also explore the practical application of organizational leadership skills focused on critical thinking, decision-making, and communication to effectively retain employees and increase productivity while improving the overall work culture.

Foundations of Project Management Practice*
Join the world of project management where earning potential can range from $60,000 to over six figures, with the right training and certifications. Foundations of Project Management Practice is an introduction to contemporary project management tools and techniques across three broad areas: organizing and initiating projects, planning projects, and performing projects. Content emphasizes project selection, chartering new projects, stakeholder management, scope management, scheduling, and their integration.

Supply Chain Management Certificate*
Careers in supply chain management are not only exciting and lucrative but also offer endless opportunities to succeed. According to the US Bureau of Labor, the median starting salary for Supply Chain Specialists/Logisticians is $75,000 a year, with significant increases in salaries projected throughout one's career. UW-Platteville's Supply Chain Management certificate program can open doors in this high-demand industry.

* Denotes programs that qualify for graduate credit.

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After being accepted, request a grade transcript of the certificate course using the transcript form. 

Many of the above certificates offer the opportunity to earn a Digital Badge upon course completion. Learn more about Digital Badges and what they can do for you!