Management Skills for a Changing Work Environment

Are you taking on new management responsibilities or managing employees in a new virtual or hybrid environment? Perhaps you are interested in furthering your professional development by analyzing the skills necessary to be a successful manager within a business or not-for-profit organization. If so, this micro-credential is for you.

Course Descriptions

    • Understanding Organizational Structure
    • Chain of Command in Business Organizations
    • Starting a New Position or Responsibilities as a Manager
    • Leading as a New Manager
    • The Hybrid Office and Workforce
    • Functional Managers and Project Managers: Similarities and Differences
    • Importance of Effective Communication
    • Characteristics of Effective Communication
    • Importance of Collaboration
    • Exploration of Personal Communication Styles
    • Multigenerational Communication
    • Characteristics of Successful Team Leaders
    • Benefits of Diversity in Team Composition
    • Leading and Collaborating in a Virtual Environment
    • Leading and Collaborating in a Hybrid Environment

Program Features

  • Course series offered 100% online in a hybrid asynchronous model designed for the demanding schedules of working professionals.
  • Earn a Management Skills electronic badge by successfully completing the courses.
  • This certificate is organized into three modules which build on each other.
  • Includes an electronic badge and printed certificate¬†of completion and 3 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) following the successful completion of all three modules.


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Cost: $939 for the certificate

Spring Session

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Fall Session

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Financial assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance:

  • Sallie Mae offers private student educational loans.
  • Workforce development assistance may be available through federal, state, and local offices.