Children's Swim

The Continuing Education Institute will resume children’s swim according to our Health and Safety Protocols. At this time, children’s swim classes will not be returning in the Fall of 2021. We are hoping it will return in the Spring of 2022. Please know that event statuses are subject to change based on health and safety measures that may be in place at the time of the event. View the current campus policies

Infant/parent and Child/Parent lessons are 30 minutes in length AND require that a parent accompany the infant/child in the pool. Beginner through Level 6 for independent swimmers are 45 minutes in length. Each session consists of five Saturday mornings. Small groups of 5-7 based on their swimming capabilities. If in doubt of your child’s ability, register for the lower level. Parents may observe the last class of each session from the balcony.

When children’s swim classes return, we will be able to offer a series of levels that your child will feel proud to master. The levels start with infant/parent and progress up through level 6.


Children’s swim classes will not be held in the Fall of 2021. Please stay tuned for news about our upcoming children’s swim classes in the spring. Thank you!

Levels of Swim Instruction

Infant/Parent* For children 6 months–2 years old, to help them feel comfortable in the water.
Child/Parent* For children 3–4 years old, who need to focus on the early basics of swimming.
Beginner For children 5 years or older who need water orientation and fundamentals of swimming.
Level I For children who are comfortable in the water without support. They will learn basic skills in bobbing, floating, flutter kicking, rhythmic breathing, and strokes.
Level II For children who can already float by themselves, feel comfortable submerging their heads, have a proficient flutter kick, and are ready to learn the backstroke and front crawl with rhythmic breathing.
Level III For children proficient in the front and back crawl and are comfortable in water where they cannot touch the pool bottom. They will focus on survival floating, elementary backstroke, and beginning diving.
Level IV For swimmers proficient in the front crawl with rhythmic breathing, back crawl, and elementary backstroke with a whip kick. They will focus on sidestroke and breaststroke.
Level V For swimmers proficient in the front and back crawl, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke. They will learn to master the breaststroke, rescue stroke, and surface dive.
Level VI For swimmers proficient in the front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, and breaststroke. They will focus on the butterfly, competitive turns, and increasing endurance.

*An adult must participate during each Infant/Parent or Child/Parent registration. Only one registration is necessary for each Infant or Child/Parent.