First Year Learning Community

General Program Information

The foundation of the FLC experience is to take classes with other students in your community—six credits (two or three classes) in the fall semester and three credits (one class) in the spring semester. Participating in this program provides new freshmen with social and academic support designed to increase student success.

There are many ways that a First Year Learning Community can help students succeed. The smaller class sizes allow students to build relationships with instructors and receive more individualized feedback. The instructors are part of the FLC program and work to provide additional support, including a personalized hands on learning opportunity designed to connect the content of the course with real world situations.

Specific courses will also have a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) leader, a student who has already been successful in that course, who attends each class session and provides extra learning support for students outside of class, including one-on-one or group tutoring, study sessions, and exam reviews. This is a relaxed, student-to-student way to get even more comfortable with the course materials and the expectations of instructors.

FLC students will also be assigned an academic coach. Academic coaches provide individual support by answering questions, identifying strengths and challenges, and discussing the skills necessary for college that students might not learn in the classroom, such as learning styles, test-taking and study skills, and time management. They can also help students have positive interactions with professors and other campus professionals and resources.

Finally, the First Year Learning Community program is a great way to get to know other students right away, making the transition to college easier and building connections that could last throughout college. The students in each FLC can eat together, study together, and go to campus activities together, all resulting in a more fun and successful semester.