• Notices of upcoming meetings, agendas, approved minutes, and submission deadlines will be sent electronically to all members of the college. The schedule of meetings and deadlines for the year, all forms, and a copy of the policies and guidelines will be posted on the college web page.
  • One hard copy of each proposal with the appropriate signatures (UUCC document and college cover sheet) and an electronic copy of each proposal (UUCC document--electronic signatures required) must be received by the announced deadline in order to be placed on the next agenda. Proposals that are incomplete and/or that lack the appropriate signatures will be sent back to the department/school that originated the document(s).
  • Electronic copies of all proposals that are received by the announced deadline will be placed in the shared group folder (S-drive) for the LAE Curriculum Committee. It is the responsibility of each member of the committee to review the documents in advance of the meeting. All meetings will be scheduled in a high-tech room, so documents will be available in electronic format for reference during the meeting.
  • The LAE Curriculum Committee will follow the UUCC guidelines with respect to the number of readings necessary for each type of proposal (see UUCC web page).
  • An individual knowledgeable about the proposal must be present at the meeting of the LAE Curriculum Committee each time the proposal is on the agenda. If no one knowledgeable about the proposal is present, no action will be taken on the proposal at that meeting.

College of LAE Curriculum Proposal Approval Form