The Clery Act, a law that aims to provide transparency around campus crime policy and statistics, identifies certain categories of students, University of Wisconsin-Platteville employees and contractors as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) who have federally mandated responsibilities to report alleged Clery Act crimes that they witness or are reported to them.

A Clery Act crime is considered “reported” when it is brought to the attention of a CSA, the UW-Platteville Police Department or local law enforcement personnel by a victim, witness, other third party or even the offender. The crime reporting party need not be University affiliated.

UW-Platteville has also defined the following as campus security authorities.

Duties of a Campus Security Authority

  • A CSA must immediately report all allegations of Clery crimes made to them in good faith by completing the online form.
  • Reports are statistical. They don’t include the name of the victim or the offender. In fact, CSAs don’t even need to know the name of the victim or offender to make a report. The only identifying information provided in the report is the name and contact information of CSA making the report.
  • CSAs only report the allegation. CSAs do not investigate the crime, nor do they make any judgment as to whether the crime actually occurred.