Ever wonder how to become a pharmacist? The University of Wisconsin-Platteville can set you on the right path. 

The two-year Pre-Pharmacy program at UW-Platteville serves students from any science major interested in pursuing a career as a pharmacist. Through coursework and mentoring, Pre-Pharmacy students will also build a competitive application for pharmacy programs.

The Pre-Pharmacy program involves studying in a selected group of courses covering a wide variety of subject matter. The courses provide the necessary science background as well as an understanding of people and institutions to ensure you succeed in pharmacy school and in your pharmacy practice. Since Pre-Pharmacy is a pre-professional program and not a major, you’ll still need a major, typically chemistry.

Once you complete the program, taking the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT), and being accepted by a school of pharmacy, you’ll enter a three-year program of study. Following graduation, completion of a one-year internship, and passage of the state board examination, you’ll be licensed to practice as a pharmacist.


The Pre-Pharmacy curriculum can be modified for students desiring to enter pharmacy schools in other states