A criminalist with a degree based in chemistry represents one of the most sought-after backgrounds in criminalistics. Essentially, criminalists are laboratory scientists who characterize trace evidence associated with a crime. Most of the country’s 40,000 police agencies require analysis by criminalists.

The curriculum at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville prepares you with hands-on experience using techniques and instruments found in today’s crime laboratory, including:

  • Chromatographic techniques used in drug and arson residue analysis.
  • Trace analysis using a variety of techniques with a large variety of sample conditions.
  • Genetic analysis using electrophoretic techniques.

Placement of UW-Platteville criminalistics graduates in crime laboratories, chemical industry, and graduate schools has been effectively 100% for the last 20 years.

The Criminalistics Emphasis in Chemistry program is an American Chemical Society (ACS) approved program. This option serves as an outstanding basis for students with primary criminalistics interests in controlled substance identification, trace evidence analysis, and toxicology. The rigor of this degree is excellent preparation for careers in the industry, graduate school studies, and professional school.

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