Biochemistry and Biotechnology emphasis will allow UW-Platteville students to finish their undergraduate degree from UW-Platteville by inclusion of one semester of transfer credits (15 credits) from completion of the Biotechnology post-baccalaureate intensive certificate program (BPI) at Madison College. 

Students will complete three and one half years (at least 105 credits) of baccalaureate studies including biotechnology prerequisite courses, general education requirements and major requirements for a baccalaureate degree from UW-Platteville.  Students will also complete one semester of BPI coursework at Madison College.  Students successfully completing the requirements for the BPI program at Madison College will transfer 15 academic credits back to UW-Platteville to count toward the student's undergraduate degree in Chemistry granted by UW-Platteville.  The student will also earn a post­baccalaureate certificate in Biotechnology upon successful completion of the requirements.  

This emphasis not only includes the study of molecules and chemical reactions found in life, but also includes extensive hands-on trainings with major instruments in biochemistry field. Understanding biochemical concepts and techniques enables researchers to attack fundamental problems in biology and medicine.

Career opportunities in biochemistry

An undergraduate degree in chemistry with a biochemistry and biotechnology emphasis provides you with the appropriate chemistry and biochemistry background, and extensive hands-on biotechnology experience to succeed in undergraduate level positions or in graduate or professional schools.

View the degree requirements for completing a major in biochemistry and biotechnology. Review the four-year plan below for the Biochemistry and Biotechnology Emphasis in Chemistry and discuss with your advisor.