Foundation Level Art Courses

Foundation level courses

The first step in each of the three degree programs is the establishment of a firm foundation in art and is accomplished by taking foundational courses. Our Art Program provides our students with beginning level courses in the areas of art and design to build a repertoire of the basic skills and concepts common to all three of our degrees. Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of art-making language and hone their powers of critical thinking through foundation coursework where they create original works of art that solve art and design problems. Undergraduate art majors will be able to exhibit knowledge of how to effectively manipulate pictorial and three-dimensional space by completing rigorous art assignments that prepare them for upper level courses in art. Foundation courses include Basic Drawing, Basic Design 2-D, and Basic Design 3-D.

Foundation level coursework with regular group critiques provides art majors with the skills, knowledge, and aesthetic development necessary to prepare a body of artwork for their sophomore portfolio. A sophomore portfolio review takes place in the spring of their sophomore year completed by art faculty to assess the accomplishments, artistic growth, and development required to advance into their junior year of study.