Bachelor of Fine Arts

The BFA program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville will prepare you for a professional career in the visual arts or continuing graduate study. You will develop a conceptual understanding of art creation, art theory, and art history and how it relates to your work and a larger social context. As coursework progresses, you should demonstrate proficiency in the technical execution within your chosen medium, while continuing to explore global perspectives in visual culture through projects, class discussion, substantive research, and presentations.

The ability to communicate ideas is integral to the study and practice of art; as such, you will have ample opportunity to communicate with faculty and peers, both verbally and in writing, through visual work, papers, and individual and group critiques. Review the full degree requirements.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education

The art program at UW-Platteville is dedicated to high quality instruction in curricula emphasizing art theory, art history, and visual art creation. The BFA in Art Education program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is constructed to provide you with the fundamental background and specialized knowledge needed to analyze, understand, create, and teach visual arts. The faculty of the art program seek to prepare you with the knowledge and skills to be a successful art educator. Review the full degree requirements.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Emphasis

The graphic design emphasis focuses on the art of imaginative problem solving and how it relates to visual communication. Graphic design is a dynamic field that demands people who are able to meet creative challenges and to push beyond what is expected.

You’ll explore courses focusing on typography, print and multimedia design, packaging design, and graphic design history, as well as traditional and new technologies. Learn to conceptualize solutions to design situations that encourage critical and creative thinking, promote social awareness, and encourage individual artistic growth and development. You’ll be well suited for a career as a creative designer, multimedia designer, illustrator, web designer, and art director. Review the full degree requirements.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Art Emphasis

The studio art emphasis allows you to choose an area of concentration in ceramics, cross-disciplinary studio, painting and drawing, or sculpture. Explore the areas of visual art creation, art theory, art criticism, and art history through coursework.

You’ll build a well-defined professional portfolio and will be prepared for careers in art, design, or graduate school.

All students will select an area of concentration from the following disciplines:
Ceramics, Cross-Disciplinary Studio, Painting and Drawing, or Sculpture.
Students must complete the minimum credits in their area of concentration (21 for Drawing and
Painting, Ceramics, and Sculpture; 30 for Cross-Disciplinary Studio) but may take more by
choosing additional studio electives in their area. Review the full degree requirements.

  • Admission into the BFA program requires you to submit a portfolio and an essay that will be reviewed by the Art faculty.

    Please note that you must be admitted to the University before submitting your portfolio for admission to the BFA program.

    1. Personal Essay:
      You must include a personal essay with your application to the BFA program. Essays should be 500 words or less and should discuss what influenced your decision to pursue a BFA degree in studio art, graphic design, or art education.
    2. Portfolio:
      Your portfolio should consist of 10-12 high-resolution digital images and should include your best work, demonstrating your ability to pursue a professional degree in the visual arts. Your portfolio could consist of work in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, digital work, or design. It is strongly encouraged that portfolios provide examples of work in a variety of media.

Bachelor of Science in Art Education

UW-Platteville is the first and oldest teacher preparation university in the state, founded in 1866 as the Platteville Normal School. The Art Education Program draws on this long tradition of providing excellence in teacher education and provides you with a Bachelor of Science degree with certification by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction with a license to teach art in Wisconsin’s pre-school, elementary, and secondary schools.

Art educators are talented artists who work well with diverse populations of learners and enjoy sharing their passion for art and design through a professional teaching career. As an art education undergraduate, you will receive coursework in art education methods, art history, studio art, professional education, and general education studies preparing you to teach in Pre-Kindergarten-12 classrooms. The mission of our program is to provide high quality instruction emphasizing the National Core Art Standards and best practices in education adopted by the UW-Platteville’s School of Education KSDS. Review the full degree requirements.

Bachelor of Arts in Art (Non-Teaching)

The Art Program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is dedicated to high quality instruction in curricula emphasizing visual art creation, art theory, art criticism and art history. The Bachelor of Arts in Art (non-teaching) is constructed to provide you with the fundamental background and specialized knowledge needed for analysis, understanding, and creation of visual art. The program provides a broad knowledge in art that prepares you for a career as a professional artist and designer.

In the Bachelor of Arts program, you may pursue studies in the studio arts emphases of drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, metals, woodworking, sculpture, fiber arts, or multimedia design. Over time, you will build a well-defined professional portfolio that can assist with a future job search or admission into a graduate program. Review the full degree requirements.