Parents are an important factor in student success! We have dedicated this webpage to providing you with the tools you will need to help your student succeed at UW-Platteville.

  • The Parent Connection is a newsletter providing specific monthly information for parents to help their student transition to his or her new role as a UW-Platteville student. Sign up  for the newsletter.
  • Family Weekend is a fun-filled event that brings you back to the UW-Platteville campus to reconnect with your student and create new memories.
  • Campus Events is a calendar of what is happening on campus. Be sure to encourage your student to attend events and get involved in university activities.
  • The UW-Platteville  Center for the Arts  provides a professional performing arts environment for students to engage with the arts through performances and classroom learning.
  • Campus Transportation offers a free shuttle to all UW-Platteville students and makes several stops both on and off campus. Encourage your student to utilize this free method of transportation.

Parent Tips

What Can I Do With This Major

Use What Can I Do With This Major? to explore career opportunities associated with different majors.

Note: UW-Platteville may not have all majors listed.