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Consent Week

Complete your mandatory online sexual violence awareness and prevention education. All first-year students are required to complete this education, including all freshman, transfer students, international students, and non-traditional students. During the second week of the semester, you will receive an email request to take an online course, titled, Student Empower Plus, from Workplace Answers. Please, do not delete this, and check your spam mail in case it was misplaced. We request that you complete this training within 30 days. 

Join the PEERS student group. PEERS stand for Pioneers Educating and Empowering Responsible Students, and their goal is to educate on topics of sexual violence, alcohol education, and bystander intervention. If interested, please contact the Prevention and Education Coorindator.

Participate, and encourage fellow students to participate, in campus workshops/trainings. The One Love Foundation created a 90-minute workshop on relationship violence geared towards college students entitled, Escalation. Various bystander intervention and training programs will be taking place to ensure individuals know when to step-in, feel comfortable in doing so, and are equipped with the appropriate tools and resources