CJ/FI internship program

UW-Platteville has a nationally recognized internship program. Our student interns are provided with a challenging program that prepares them for extensive participation within the supervising agency. Students have the opportunity to gain experience within local, state, or national agencies and departments while earning 8 elective credits.

To begin the application process, please vist the Department of Criminal Justice suite in Ullsvisk Hall to obtain the APPLICATON FOR INTERNSHIP. 

Department of Criminal Justice Student Interns

Earn 8 Elective Credits

Local, State, National opportunities

320 hours (8 weeks / 40 hours per week)

Weekly assignments/projects

FIA: Faculty Internship Advisor

Student Pre-requisites

PASSED: Writing Proficiency Exam

60 credits completed / 12 credits earned in MAJOR at 3000-4000 Level

2.5 GPA 

See Resources to download a list of common internship agencies.

Internship manual

Internship Manual PDF

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