UW-Platteville Negotiation and Contract Guidelines

Purpose: To simplify negotiation procedures and process performance contracts for official UW-Platteville signature(s). Contracts should be completed 6 weeks in advance of the event.

Step 1:  Determine the type of payment agreement (if any) that is required.

  • UW-Platteville Contract - a standard contract for a performance or speaker
  • Payment to Individual Report - used for services provided by an individual for a total of no more than $500.00/year. (A Letter of Agreement and W-9 form should accompany the PIR)
  • Letter of Agreement - used to make contractual agreements with performers or speakers who receive  limited or no service fees and who have minimal technical requirements. (Contact the Campus Activities Office at 342.7328 for a sample.)

Step 2:  Call #1 to the artist

  • Check date(s) availability with artist. (Remember:  Verbal contracts are binding in Wisconsin and you are not a UW-Platteville contracting agent!)
  • Ask them to email you a copy of their technical rider. When you receive the rider, it must be discussed with Production Services to determine if we can meet the requested needs. Call Production Services at 342.1230 and secure approval. Forward electronic copy of the rider to cpr@uwplatt.edu.
  • Tell the artist you'll get back to them shortly.

Step 3:

  • Check campus date(s) and secure space with Event Reservations by calling 342.1451.
  • Email technical rider to Production Services productionservices@uwplatt.edu.
  • Will there be any catering needs? (Contact 342.1249)
  • If overnight accommodations are required, the Campus Activities staff will make arrangements after we receive the Negotiation Worksheet.  You will be notified of findings.

Step 4:

  1. As the event planner, tell the artist or agent you are UW-Platteville’s representative and are requesting information for the UW-Platteville Negotiation Worksheet, which in turn will be used to generate an official UW-Platteville Contract. (You are NOT UW-Platteville's contract agent and can not sign contracts.)
  2. Fill out the on-line Negotiation Worksheet as thoroughly as possible while talking to agency, artist or speaker during your second call.
  3. Electronically “Submit” the completed Negotiation Worksheet to the Campus Activities staff for review and approval.

Here's what happens next...

When the worksheet is received, we create contract folders, generate the official UW-Platteville contract using data you entered in our Contract Tracking database, and follow-up with all information submitted.

The Contract is sent to the artist, agency, or speaker by the Campus Activities Office.

When the Contract is returned with artist/agency signatures, a purchase requisition is prepared and both are approved by UW-Platteville officials.

The Accounts Payable Office will notify us when the check is ready for pick up.  We will contact your department with options for delivery or placement of the check in the safe at the Markee Pioneer Student Center - Info Center.  The check can also be mailed to the appropriate party following the event.

You will be informed vie email several times regarding the progress of the contract.

I have read and understand these directions.  Take me to the form.

Contract Negotiation Form

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