Program Funding Requirements

Program funding is a way for organizations to acquire funding for events held on campus and are open to all students. SUFAC has allocated a set amount of funds to CPR to issue to organizations requesting assistance in funding an event that would not otherwise be funded by SUFAC. Each request must be submitted by using the Program Funding Request Form and must meet the specified funding requirements.  All forms should be submitted 4 weeks prior to the event date. Once the form is submitted, CPR will inform the requesting group of their decision to either approve, modify, or deny the request.

For specific procedures, read the guidelines below.

Funding Requirements

  • Program Funding requests must follow all of the current SUFAC guidelines including the following:
    • Program Funding is intended to support programming events held on the UW-Platteville campus that are open to all students.
    • Program Funding will support events, which fall into the Supply and Service area of the SUFAC Budget Request categories. Travel, conference/workshop/seminar participation, salary dollars, office supplies, and other items that do not support the event are not allowed to be funded from Program Funding (this is not an exhaustive list).
  • For the current academic year, requests will be received and reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis until the first Friday in April.

Funding Expectations

  • Groups must submit their completed request form and essay a minimum of 4 weeks before the event. This allows adequate time for contracts to be prepared, accounting to make payment to the entertainer/speaker, and for promotion of the event.
  • Only recognized student organizations or departments can be funded.
  • Recognizing CPR as a co-sponsor of the event in the publicity is encouraged although not required. Your decision to or to not recognize CPR will have no effect on your likelihood of receiving funding for your current request or any future requests.
  • Any entertainment/speaker (paid or unpaid) must be contracted through the University of Wisconsin - Platteville.  Contracts are handled by Rebecaa Vaassen in the Pioneer Involvement Center.
  • Once a Program Funding Request Form has been submitted, the requesting organization or department will be contacted indicating the time and place of the next CPR staff meeting that the request will be discussed.
  • The requesting group is strongly encouraged to attend the CPR staff meeting to answer any questions.

Allocation Process

  • CPR will come to a consensus to approve, modify, or deny a request.
  • The requesting group will be informed of CPR's decision by e-mail.
  • CPR has the option of granting the entire request, a portion of the request, and/or stipulating any conditions.
    • If CPR supports the request and cannot fully fund the amount, CPR will assist the group to request further funding from SUFAC.
  • CPR has the right to deny funding if the requesting group's event conflicts with a CPR event or major campus event. Groups will be asked to reschedule their event in order to receive funding.
  • If your request is approved, your group must cover the expenses and then submit an invoice and copy of actual expenditures. On-campus accounts must follow state rules.
  • Requesting groups will be required to fill out a post-evaluation form for their event, completed and turned in one week after the event, or they will be responsible for returning all funds granted by CPR.
  • By April 15, CPR expects all events to have reconciled budgets. Any event after April 15 must complete budget paperwork within two weeks.

Appeals Process

  • If a group wants to appeal they must follow SUFAC Funding Appeal Process guidelines.

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