Employer Meet and Greet

Student and employer discussing interests.

Employer Information Sessions

What is an Employer Information Session?

Typically an hour in length, these informative presentations are an opportunity for students to learn more about a prospective employer, meet company recruiters, and explore career options.

Why Attend an Employer Information Session?

  • To gain insight about the employer's history, mission and goals, training programs, products and services, and management styles
  • To develop a networking system by talking with company representatives
  • To take the opportunity to meet the recruiter in a more informal environment; outside of the formal interview setting
  • To ask questions and interact with recruiters

Who Should Attend an Employer Information Session?

  • Any UW-Platteville student interested in learning more about a specific employer, especially students who are scheduled to interview with a particular employer.
  • Special restrictions may apply to some employers who schedule an information session. If restrictions exist, they will be posted on Pioneer Career Network. To view restrictions, go to: 'Events' tab and view the Employer Information Session details.
  • Students interviewing with an employer that schedules an Employer Information Session are required to attend the session.

What Should A Student Wear to an Employer Information Session?

Business casual attire or interview formal is recommended at Information Sessions. Check the Student Resources section for more information on appropriate dress.

How to View Upcoming Information Sessions

Log into your Pioneer Career Network student/alumni account.  Click on Events.  You will see all of the upcoming Employer Information Sessions and other recruiting events.  


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