UW-Platteville AODA Policies and Laws

UW-Platteville AODA Policies and Laws

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UW-Platteville considers the enforcement of campus policies and state laws regarding alcohol and other drug use critical to the prevention of excessive use of substances by students.  Students under the age of 21 are prohibited from consuming alcohol anywhere on campus.

The following links provide information related to campus policies and state laws specific to student organizations, student-athletes, and usage of alcohol on campus property.  As part of the student code of conduct, it is imperative students make themselves familiar with the policies and state laws applicable to them.

   Alcohol Policy
   Cooper Living & Learning Center
   Drug Free Workplace
   Employee Handbook
   Pioneer Student Center and Ullsvik Hall
   Residence Hall Handbook
   Student Athlete Code of Conduct
   Student Handbook
   Student Organizations

Alcohol Violations

   Campus Police: Underages, OWI’s, and Fake ID’s
   Standards of Conduct and University Sanctions Concerning Drugs & Alcohol

Wisconsin State Laws

    State of Wisconsin & Federal Legal Sanctions (UWP)
    Drunk Driving Law
    For Retailers:
        Underage laws
        Beverage & Tobacco Laws
    Wisconsin State Law Library

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