15 Ways to Get A's

"15 Ways To Get A's" is an interactive as well as self-paced program designed to help students be successful academically in the most effective and efficient ways possible - and how to do it smarter, not harder.

This workshop is designed for UW-Platteville students. You must be a currently enrolled UWP student to participate. There is NO cost. Upon successful completion of the workshop, each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion.

To enroll, you will need to submit the following form to Deirdre Dalsing, the Director of UWP Counseling Services, who is coordinating this workshop. You will then be emailed a response with the URL for part 1 of the workshop. Upon completing each part, you will be emailed the URL for the next one. The entire workshop consists of five parts. Please note: anyone not completing the entire workshop within one year will be automatically removed from the participant's list unless an extension is requested.

ENroll in the 15 Ways to Get A's Workshop

Developed by Deirdre Dalsing, M.S., N.C.C., UWP Counseling Services

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