Licensure for School Counselors

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License and Career Stages: Wisconsin State Law specifies three license stages:

Initial educator license 

At this level, a candidate must have completed a performance-based system of preparation meeting the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s standards. During the first 3-5 years of holding this license, a beginning educator will design and complete a personal professional development plan relating to the educator standards. The plan will be evaluated by a 3-person team. This team will include a professional colleague, an administrator, and a representative from higher education.

The key component of the initial educator license stage will be the assignment of a mentor who will volunteer for the assignment and receive training for the role. The mentor will be given release time for mentoring activities. The mentor will be a professional colleague who is not in an evaluative role. Mentors will be a resource for the training educator to observe, confer with, obtain advice and assistance in the design and implementation of the professional development plan, and act as a liaison between the beginning educator and the community.

Professional educator license

After successfully moving through the initial educator level and meeting goals in their professional development plan within 3-5 years, educators may renew their license as a professional educator. This license will be a five-year, renewable license. To renew a license, the professional educator must design a professional development plan relating to the educator standards. The plan will be evaluated by a 3-person team of colleagues consisting of 3 teachers, 3 pupil service professionals, or 3 administrators, as appropriate. Upon meeting the goals in the plan, the license shall be renewed.

Master educator license

The master educator license is a voluntary license that will be accessible to individuals who hold a professional educator license and who submit a portfolio of authentic work for review by a 3-person team consisting of educators who have the same or similar job responsibilities, have been trained by the department, and have been nominated by professional organizations. The master license would be effective for 10 years and may be renewed by submitting an updated portfolio.

License Levels:

Currently, licenses are awarded in PK-12. Students in an accredited school counseling program in Wisconsin are trained in all of these grade levels.

Components Initial Educator:
Available 07/01/2004
Professional Educator
Available 07/01/2004
Master Educator
Available 7/1/2004
Wisconsin Standards for teachers, administrators, and pupil service personnel Proficiency in all teacher, pupil services or administrator standards. Increased proviciency in all teacher, pupil services or administrator standards, but focus on one or more.  Mastery of teacher, pupil services or administrative standards.
Prerequisites Completion of a performance based professional education program with university endorsement. Successful completion of initial educator requirements.  Complete five years successful experience as professional educator, and related Master’s Degree.
*Professional Development Plan Yes Yes Yes (includes onsite or video review of performance)
Length of License  5 year non-renewal, minimum three years  5 year renewable  10 year renewable
Who approves, monitors, and assesses the professional development plan? Team: 3 members to include administrator, Institute of Higher Education (IHE) representative, peer (not mentor)  Team: District professional development team  Team: Three peer educator assessors from outside the district
Support Mentor and feedback from Team  Feedback from Team  Feedback from Team

*The Professional Development Plan includes:

• Learning Goals
• Identified Activities
• Timelines
• Evidence of Collaboration
• Assessment Plan