Graduation To Do List

1. Indicate Intent to Graduate

Obtain the appropriate graduation forms from the graduate office or Grad Studies website. These forms include:

  • File for Master’s Degree form
  • Comprehensive Examination Form

2. File for Master’s Degree

This form is required to order your diploma, submit your name for publication in the commencement bulletin (including the listing of your thesis or seminar paper if applicable) and request publicity in your home newspaper. This form also generates the notification to your advisor of your intention to graduate. You must complete and return the File for Master’s Degree form before the end of the second week of classes (first week during summer sessions). The School of Graduate Studies office will then respond by mail that they received the form and how it was processed.

3. Meeting with Your Advisor

Students are encouraged to have a meeting with their advisor to ensure that all requirements have been met. The following questions should be answered: 1) Are you in full standing? 2) Have you been admitted to candidacy? 3) Is your program planning form up to date? 4) Have you completed all the courses listed on your program planning form; or, are you currently registered to complete that course work? 5) Do all transfer credits appear on your program planning form? 6) Have you sent official transfer transcripts to the School of Graduate Studies?

4. Respond to Deficiency Letter

After your file is checked by the School of Graduate Studies office, you will be sent a letter explaining what is needed to complete degree requirements, if any. Students must verify that if they receive a letter, each item is being fulfilled or taken care of.

5. Taking the Comprehensive Examination

If you are not doing a thesis, contact those individuals you wish to write comprehensive examination questions. If you are doing a thesis, enter the names of your thesis committee on the form.

6. Pay $40.00 Graduation Fee

Students must pay a $40.00 graduation fee at the cashier’s office, 2nd floor, Brigham Hall. All indebtedness to the university must be cleared before graduation.  This charge may be automatically added to your tuition bill.

7. After the Semester Ends

The School of Graduate Studies will re-check your file after grades have been posted. If you have completed all requirements, your degree will be awarded and you will be notified by mail. If you have not completed all requirements, you will be notified by mail that you did not graduate along with an explanation.