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In an ideal workplace, leaders are visionaries who inspire their staff to do their best and recognize and appreciate each team member. The staff works together without conflict to achieve common goals. People recognize and respect each other's strengths, support each other, and enjoy coming to work. Improved customer service, increased teamwork, better communication, these are just three of the benefits businesses accrue when employees and management use the Real Colors® Personality Instruments as part of their strategy to achieve their business ideals and success.

Presented in a fast, fun, interactive format, Real Colors® Personality Instruments let participants learn how to quickly identify their own temperament or "color," and that of others. Using this powerful knowledge, employees develop more effective communication skills and build better relationships, both in and out of the workplace.

Using Real Colors® Personality Instruments, participants will:

  • Discover their personal strengths.
  • Learn to recognize the strengths of others.
  • Learn how to build instant rapport with people.
  • Learn the most effective methods of speaking to different people.
  • Learn to hear what people are really saying.
  • Discover the different ways individuals process information.
  • Learn to appreciate and value the viewpoints of others.
  • Learn how to apply Real Colors® principles in all areas of their lives.

Through Real Colors®, you'll gain a completely new perspective on yourself and the things that are most important to you. As you learn more about the Colors, you'll instinctively recognize characteristics of people you know and their Color. This knowledge gives you valuable insight into what is most important to them, why they may react to situations differently than others, how you can best communicate with them, and much more.

$15 per person, includes instruction and real colors booklet.
Minimum number: 25 attendees, Maximum number: 30 attendees
NOTE: If you have a smaller group, contact Tim Noble and he may be able to combine several small groups to reach the minimum.

For more information, contact us at:
(608) 342-1314 or (888) 281-9472 |

Certified Real Colors® Facilitators are available to perform trainings at your site or at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

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