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The Cooper Living and Learning Center is a residence hall located at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville's Pioneer Farm, seven miles from the main campus.  The Cooper LLC is home to the Agricultural Living Learning Community facilitated by the School of Agriculture, in collaboration with staff from the Department of Residence Life.  The Cooper Agriculture Living and Learning Community is for Junior and Senior students, consideration also given to Sophomore standing students, who are majoring or minoring with the School of Agriculture.  Students choosing to select Cooper Living and Learning Center as a housing option are contracting with the Department of Residence Life for the academic year. This LLC specializes in programming to prepare you for life beyond college in your agricultural career.  Activities may include: employer visits, faculty visits, resume and interviewing workshops, etc.  If you are not selected to participate by the School of Agriculture, via the interview process, and you complete this housing contract, you will be required to reside in another on-campus residence hall space.  Contact Mindy Freiburger at 342-1295

Resident Director

From the desk of the resident director

Hello Cooper Residents!

May has arrived!

Whether you say the school year went by fast…or you feel like it dragged on, it is hard to believe that the end if almost here. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your year at UW-Platteville! As you prepare to leave for the summer, please make sure that you stop by my office and say good-bye. I am excited to hear about what you all have going on for the summer. However, before we get to that point, there are a few reminders I have for you as we all prepare for the end of the school year.

The Final Academic Push: As you are preparing to wrap up those final projects and study for those final exams, make sure that you remember a few key things.

• First, make sure you get some sleep! Studies show that pulling all-nighters to cram and study for an exam will do more harm than good. Your brain needs sleep in order to process and store everything that you have learned.
• Eat you’re the HEALTHY meals a day! While it is easier to go to KRISTINE’s, GWAM or the HAUS and order your favorite burger basket with cheese curds, loaded fries, or frozen pizza, relying on that to get you through the next two weeks will not end well. Studying and feeling like you are getting hungry? Make sure that you always have water with you. Sliced or diced fruits, vegetables, and nuts make great snacks while you are studying and also provide good nutrients for your body.
• Do NOT wait until the night before to start studying. Study for smaller periods for a few days leading up to your finals. It will help you better retain the information.
• Finally, while you are studying your notes, see if you can’t explain them to your roommate. If you can explain it in your own words, that shows that you are starting to develop a good understanding of the topic.
• For more test taking tips and study tips, check out some of these awesome resources from the Academic Support Services Office.

Closing for the Semester: Summer is almost here! Are you ready? If possible, begin taking things hope that you know you will not need. For example: If you have a couple sweatshirts and a light jacket, it is probably safe to take home your winter jacket. Make sure that you are signing up for a time to check out with your RA. You RA will be posting a sign up schedule outside their door coming soon. Please remember that RAs are students too. They have finals and projects that they must complete as well, so please be respectful of their time. To help ensure that you check out is easy and hassle free, please make sure you are ready to go when your time that you signed up for comes around. If you have any questions, please ask!

In addition to closing, let’s think about opening for fall 2018! If you are living in the residence halls in the fall and would love the opportunity to move-in early, and help out new students, then consider becoming part of the fall 2018 Welcome Crew! More information will be coming out later this month, so stay tuned!

Summer Hall: Are you taking classes on campus over the summer or working in the area? Do you need a place to live? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you should consider staying on campus in Southwest Hall! Stay for the whole summer or for a couple of weeks. Fill out an application and let Residence Life know if you’re interested. For $120 per week, you get a great place to live without the hassle of utilities.

Welcome Crew: If you are looking to have a positive impact on our new students in the fall, to be an active member of the residence hall community, to promote an inclusive environment, and have a strong work ethic, then you should think about applying to be part of welcome crew for next fall. Applications were emailed out, but you can always stop by and get on from me. Applications are due to the Resident Directors by Friday, May 25, 2018.

Summer Storage: Are you living on campus next year? Are you dreading the thought of packing everything up to take it home? If so, then you should consider Summer Storage! For $150, you can save time, avoid the hassle, and make move-in next fall that much easier. To review or print off a contract, check out the Residence Life Website. Be sure to view the contract for the hall that you will be in during the fall 2018 semester.

Ditch the Dumpster: As we get closer to finals week, GoodWill bins will be placed in the lobby for you to donate you new or used items that could still be used, instead of throwing them in the trash. Help prevent our landfills from getting too big!

Finally, have a great summer!!!

Taylor M. Burke
McGregor Hall Resident Director
Cooper Living and Learning Center Resident Director

Residence Life: Cooper Information

Cooper Living Learning Center Info

Sign up for Cooper LLC begins on November 16 for students who are Junior standing and above.  Please go to The Department of Residence Life webpage and click on "Room Reservations".  By signing a contract for Cooper LLC, you are signing an academic year long contract that is legally binding.  You will receive information on the School of Agriculture interview process for Cooper LLC shortly after you sign up with Residence Life.  Should you not meet the criteria during the interview process, your contract with the Department of Residence Life is sill legally binding and you will need to sign up for a different residence hall for 2016-17.

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