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UW-Platteville, Continuing Education Introduces Workplace Solutions 

The Office of Continuing Education (OCE) at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is happy to announce the addition of Tim Noble as their new Business Training and Development Manager. Noble brings over 15 years of skills development and education planning experience, and he is looking forward to meeting with area leaders to determine how OCE can respond to their training needs through the program, Workplace Solutions.

Workplace Solutions is a service offering the development of training tailored to meet the specific goals of your business or organization. Tim will partner with business leaders to identify performance-improvement opportunities and then collaborate with UW-Platteville’s network of skilled faculty and instructional designers to create and deliver exceptional training that will achieve the results you desire.

The cost-effective training solutions customized to meet your needs are available when and where you need it – days, evenings, or weekends – your site or ours. When appropriate, the team at UW-Platteville can also create online learning options for you.

Developing your staff is an ongoing process, and Tim would enjoy partnering with you to provide the professional development and training your workplace requires to stay on top.
For more information and a free assessment of your staff development needs, please contact Tim at, 608-342-1314 or 888-281-9472, or /continuing/workplace-solutions

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