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Learning options … for your needs, your style, your time!

Continuing Education is committed to providing high quality, professional development learning experiences for Wisconsin educators to help you achieve success in your work. Acquire valuable teaching strategies, tools and resources you can apply to your students and your classroom immediately–and use for years to come.

You can choose from nearly 70 classes–most in a format that can be accessed at your convenience and on your timeframe. Others are available face-to-face on weekends or weekdays at various locations.

Most classes are offered for academic credit or on a non-credit basis at reduced fees to give you cost-effective options in fulfilling your Professional Development Plan (PDP). Non-credit fees vary–please refer to the tuition and fee tables in our brochure for details.

Face-to-Face Classes
Continuing Education offers several courses in a face-to-face format that allows teachers to meet with an instructor to share a concentrated, short-term learning experience – on a weekend or regular weekly meetings.
The immediate exchange of ideas that takes place in these classes provides a valuable opportunity to get to know and learn from colleagues around the region, along with your instructor.

Online Classes
An online course has no face-to-face component.
You will meet with your peers (if there are any) and the instructor via e-mail or text message.
Courses usually contain some variety of video, powerpoint, short recorded “lecturettes,” and text. Learners should plan on completing the course within three months, although you can have more time if needed.
Complete the course at a pace that fits your schedule.

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