Renewable Energy Camp - FAQ

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What is the benefit of attending this summer program?

The material covered in this week-long summer camp program is a snapshot of the kind of high caliber curriculum and instruction that students will receive on the campus of UW-Platteville if they enroll in the Program of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems (SRES). Moreover, it is a prelude to an academic experience with the richness and crossover appeal that interdisciplinary programs afford students at institutions of higher learning across the nation.

Is this program a good fit for my teenager?

At UW-Platteville and more pointedly in the Program of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems, we take our mission very seriously when it comes to the education, development and well being of your child. The SRES program has roots dating back to 2006, and with the aid of the faculty and staff members of our Renewable Energy Council in concert with the guiding hand of the members of our Industrial Advisory Board, we have built a program that is unique to the UW system of institutions and is one of only a handful of similar baccalaureate offerings at institutions of higher education across the nation. We are on the leading edge of an exciting and emerging field of renewable energy and sustainability. This summer program can be the start of a lifelong engagement with concepts related to renewable energy and principles of sustainability and lead to very real personal and professional development gains for your child.

Must the student attend all days of the camp?

Yes, in order for attendees to acquire all of the individual Energy Sciences Skills Certificate, as well as the Team Engineering Merit Certificate, the student must attend all functions on all scheduled days of camp.

Does the student have to complete all homework?

Yes, the student needs to complete all of the prerequisite assignments prior to being awarded a skills or engineering certificate. Not to worry, if your son or daughter has questions or is challenged by the content, we have highly qualified peer mentors and faculty available after daytime programming events to assist them with homework assignments and to provide supplemental instruction.

What is the timeline for awarding Energy Sciences Skills Certificates and the Engineering Merit Team Certificate?

Camp participants will be awarded their individual Energy Sciences Skills Certificates as they complete programming throughout the week. The award of the Engineering Merit Team Certificate will be made on Friday July 17th in the presence of parents at an afternoon celebratory function when camp breaks.

Does this summer camp program provide college credit?

No, the attendance and successful completion of this program does not provide college credit and does not qualify camp attendees for acceptance at UW-Platteville or any other UW-System school.
Is your teen interested in developing scholarship and skills in the field of energy science and engineering? Do you think this experience would be a rewarding use of time toward the personal and professional growth of your son or daughter? 

Can I withdraw my child from camp after registration and payment have been completed?

You are permitted to withdraw your child and a full refund for your deposit to attend camp will be made prior to requests received on or before June 12th, 2015. After the declared registration deadline, requests that result from hardship or unexpected change in personal circumstances will be considered. All requests and the decisions made to accept or accommodate them are made at the sole discretion of the camp director.


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