New York State Children's Program Administrator Credential

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New York State Children's Program Administrator Credential

The Children’s Program Administrator Credential of New York State is designed to provide for and be recognized as a standard by which to measure program management, fiscal management, and leadership abilities of early childhood and school-age program administrators. 

We know you are busy and we have designed this program to cause as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. You will never have to come to Wisconsin, as these courses are 100% online.

All of the coursework for your courses you will be able to access from your computer on the Desire2Learn course content site. Then you will also be able to connect with your instructor and other Child Care Administrators during live, online evening classes via web conferencing. Learn from instructors who have experience working in early childhood education and have experience teaching other early childhood educators online. We will help you put together the portfolio of work that you will need to complete the Credential. You can do this and we are here to help you.

College Credits Needed for Candidacy to earn the NYS Children’s Program Administrator Credential:

  1. An Associate's Degree (or 60 credits towards a bachelor's degree)
  2. 18 credits in child development or related courses (could be part of Associates Degree)
  3. 18 credits in Children's Program Administration.(Total college credits routinely needed is 78 credits.) These 6 courses will fulfill the 18 credits in Children’s Program Administration.

The following six, 3-credit courses will fulfill your 18 credit requirements in the content specific competency areas for Children’s Program Administration.

Current Course Registration

Click on the course titles below for details or to register. If there are no courses listed, please call our office at 1-888-281-9472.


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