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Meet NEW Head Start qualifications from the convenience of your home.

Register today to earn the childcare credential in your specialization that exceeds the CDA requirements. 

UW-Platteville offers you a more personalized online experience via live web-conferencing. Celebrating our 150th anniversary, UW-Platteville has been offering online child care credentials for over 15 years.

100% online and accredited, the following credential programs are available to help you meet the new Head Start quality rating requirements.

Click on the gray bar below to view more information or to register. 


The Administrator Credential will help you develop the skills and competencies needed by administrators and directors to be successful. The Administrator Credential is a six course, 18-credit sequence. Click here for more info.

Administrator en Español

El cuidado de niños y Administradores de credenciales fue desarrollado por y para los profesionales del cuidado de los niños y está diseñado para ayudarle a ejecutar un programa mejor a un costo más eficaz. Click aquí para mas información. 

Family Child Care

This four course (12-credit) credential is designed for family child care providers or individuals seeking to become family child care providers. Click here for more info.


The Inclusion Credential focuses on the additional training and education professionals need when caring for children with special needs and builds a knowledge base that allows providers to offer high quality care to all children. The Inclusion Credential is a four course, 12-credit sequence. Click here for more info.

Infant Toddler

The Infant Toddler Credential will best benefit those who work with children under the age of 3. Two of the four Infant Toddler Credential courses in the 12-credit sequence are also within the Wisconsin Technical College System Statewide Curriculum for the Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Click here for more info.

Infant Toddler en Español

Para el Curso Bebé/Niño en español. Click aquí para mas información.


The Preschool Credential was developed using courses from the Wisconsin Technical College System Statewide Curriculum for the Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. This six course, 18-credit Registry Credential program is for preschool teachers, assistant teachers, program directors, and administrators who work with children age 3 to 5. Click here for more info.

Preschool en Español

Para obtener la Registry Preschool Credential, (La registración de la Credencial "Pres escolar" usted debe completar las seis clases de tres créditos cada una. Click aquí para mas información.


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