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Can I use the courses for teacher recertification??

Teachers always need to check with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI.)  Usually if a course is even tangentially related to your classroom activities, DPI will count it.  However, if you are concerned, ask them.

Can I take a course for undergraduate credit if I have my masters degree?

Yes.  DPI does not require graduate credit for teacher recertification.  Check with your school HR Department to see what they require for lane changes and course reimbursement.

Do I have to take courses for credit?

No.  What you take depends on what need you are trying to fulfill.  If you are a PI-34 teacher, use the non-credit option.  If you are a “6-credits every 5-years” teacher, undergraduate credit will do.  If you are developing a “twofer” you can use graduate school courses for both your graduate degree and teacher re-licensure.  There are other combinations, these are the most common.

Is there a distinction between being a certified teacher and a licensed teacher?

Yes.  You become certified when you earn your undergraduate degree from a recognized school of education.  Certification usually lasts for life.  Licensure is completely different -- it is a function of state government.  In Wisconsin, the Department of Public Instruction.

What is the tuition fee? 

On a per credit basis: 

  • 1-undergraduate credit is $277.43
  • 1-graduate credit is $439.47


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