Early Childhood Conference-Presenter Proposal Form

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The Presenter Proposal form is now CLOSED for the 2018 Early Childhood Conference. Any submissions received will be applied towards the 2019 conference.

Home city
Home state
Home zip code
Include name, complete address, phone and District/Affiliation. Note: Only one additional Presenter is allowed.
Classrooms are setup with tables and chairs. Please describe an alternative setup if needed. (Rooms do not have sinks; we will try to accommodate your request, but cannot guarantee it.)
If you selected 'Other' for Equipment Needs, please describe here what is needed.
Please check the session(s) you prefer (repeated workshops are encouraged). Note: The times are approximate and may change as the planning of the conference proceeds.
Please provide a description which clearly describes the content of your presentation and emphasizes what participants will learn in NO MORE THAN 35 words. If you are providing take-home resources, please refer to them in your description. Write the description as you would like it to appear in the conference brochure--this will help participants choose the workshops that fit their needs.
Please include a biography with your presentation proposal. A paragraph (5-10 sentences) including education and professional experiences.
Please identify the audience size with which you are comfortable.
If you selected 'Other' for Workshop Size, please describe the audience size here.
Which core knowledge area best describes your workshop?
Please indicate your preference for a complimentary conference registration or honorarium, as a token of our appreciation for taking the time to present at our conference. Note: Only one additional presenter will receive compensation in the form of a complimentary conference registration.
Presenter Proposal Form

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