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Opening Keynote



Presented by Katherine and Ben Perreth

Katherine holds UW Social Work and Sociology degrees, conducts a class on reminiscence writing and works at an ESL school. She deals with the details of running an institution of learning, basically keeping teachers in chalk.
Ben, age 28, wears an ankle-foot-orthosis with a smiley face on the back. He juggles one-handed at the Madison Children’s Museum and everywhere he goes in order to accomplish his life goal: “Make humanity smile.”
Making Lemonade With Ben: The Audacity to Cope, Katherine's award-winning book, includes 3 essays by Ben and will be available at the book table - just look for the flying lemons.

Humor. Hope. Information. Inspiration. Katherine and Ben Perreth, Wisconsin mother-son speaking duo, present aspects of Katherine’s award-winning book, Making Lemonade With Ben: The Audacity to Cope, as well as Ben’s take on life.

After Ben suffered a massive brain hemorrhage at age 7, he and his family were changed forever – and so were the myriad educational professionals involved in the process of putting Ben back together again.

closing Keynote


Presented by Geoff Akins

Author, speaker, bubble-artist, Geoff Akins Hannah has been entertaining and educating children for over 30 years. His life-altering experiences as a teacher in Waldorf and Special Education inspired him to create the Bubble Wonders Show. His love of teaching and performing, combined with his gentle nature and gift of rapport with children, form a personal philosophy he calls, "The Art of Wonder."
In a world of ever-decreasing attention spans, Akins demonstrates how to use the wonders of bubbles, magic, and storytelling to capture and redirect a child's attention. Learn how to identify and hone your own wonder skills to inspire and motivate your students. When we educators recapture a sense of wonder and work/teach/live from that perspective we connect with our students on a more effective and rewarding level.

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