Civil War Reenactment

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Civil War Reenactment

A Soldiers (and Everyone Else's) Life During the Civil War

The American Civil War is America's Iliad -- it is the epic poem that continues to define who we are and what we are becoming as a people and a country.  The class, A Soldiers (and Everyone Else's) Life During the Civil War, breathes life back into the 1860's providing K – 12 teachers and history instructors at all levels an experiential historical context within which to think through the reality of the times and to make the period come alive for students.

Experience a two and a half-day immersion into a soldier’s life during the Civil War through participation in a re-enactment. Upon enlistment, you will be furnished with a uniform and will take part in as much of camp life, entertainment, and battle experience as possible. If you measure up, you will camp in the tents, cook over a campfire, march, and drill with other re-enactors.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • dance at the Military Ball
  • attend demonstrations and talks on camp craft
  • shop at the suttlers
  • sing around the campfire
  • watch and participate in live cannon, mortar, and musket fire
  • participate in church and/or cemetery ceremonies
  • participate in at least two Civil War battles
  • be a part of the Infantry, Artillery, Signal Corps, Dismounted Cavalry, or Medical Corps

I invite you to review what past participants have said about the class, to look at pictures, view the song book and the material list of what to bring.  Most of all, I look forward to greeting you at one (or more) of our re-enactment classes this coming summer and fall.

There are no reenactments currently scheduled. Please check back again soon, or contact Continuing Education at 608.342.1314 or


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